May 26, 2014: “The Steps Vigil” – Opening Broadcast – 7:00 PM Mountain Time, USA

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This evening begins the commemoration of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing.  This 20-day period of time is offered to us as an opportunity to learn for the first time or experience anew the reality of Knowledge and Spiritual Practice as revealed through the daily practices of Steps to Knowledge. This universal practice, introduced for the first time in our world, exceed most of our expectations and needs if it is studied adequately and applied wisely in the realm of life and relationships.

stepsvigil1cSteps to Knowledge was revealed to Marshall Vian Summers in 1989—the culmination of a seven-year period of preparation, calling Marshall Vian into the Mystery, calling him to take his young family with him into the unknown and to give up, again, everything he had in order to receive the next revelation of what would become a New Message from God.

We invite you to join us in this special time of commemoration and observance of this unparalleled gift to the world. And embarking on a time of deepening your relationship with Knowledge.

During this 20-day period, an evening Commemorative Practice Vigil is held through June 14, 2014 at the New Message Sanctuary from 7-7:30 pm MDT.

All are welcome to attend in person or across time to honor, deepen and engage in  this time.

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Email if you plan a pilgrimage to or retreat time in Boulder, CO during The Steps Vigil.

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