Making Decisions

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Think for a moment in terms of everything being a relationship. You have a relationship with people, places, things, events, the past, the future, world events and your nation. You  even have a relationship with the Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe.

Each of these relationships represents an influence. Each influences you, and you influence them. You have power in the world in this regard, and the world has power over you. The power moves in both directions.

And this power gives you the power of decision, which can be applied to more circumstances than you are yet aware of. This power of decision is fundamental to your success and to your future in a world that will be impacted by the Great Waves of change—by environmental destruction, by the decline of your fundamental resources, by a change in the world’s climate, by ever-increasing economic and political instability and the great risk of war and conflict that this will produce.

The decisions that are important are the ones you make now, for there is time to prepare for the Great Waves of change. But time is of the essence.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 5, The Deep Evaluation.

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