Look at the World

Look at the World

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Now is the time to look, learn, listen and follow. Look at the world. Listen for its signs. Learn what it is teaching you and telling you about what is coming. Begin to prepare your life, to simplify your life, to unburden your life. Everyone can do that right now. Simplify your life.

That which is unnecessary—the possessions, the obligations, the ownership, even the relationships that are not essential to you—is only taking energy from you, robbing you of your incentive, distracting you, filling up your time, keeping your eyes off of the world and off your circumstances. You will not see the warning signs before difficult and dangerous things occur if your mind is obsessed with all other things.

So at the very outset, there must be simplification and clarification. Your relationship with any thing, person or place that is not essential or that is counterproductive will rob you of vision, energy, purpose and meaning.You can begin with your possessions, and then you will have to review your relationships, your activities and your obligations.

Free up your time. Free up your energy to begin to prepare for the Great Waves of change, for they will require tremendous focus and courage from you.

Passage from The Great Waves of ChangeChapter 4, The Freedom to Move with Knowledge. Join the Free School to engaged in this session’s focus: The New World.


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