Living on a set of assumptions

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The wise are always considering what is coming over the horizon. They are always looking and watching. They are not afraid and not terrified, but cautious.

For all the people who are sensing great change in the world, and there are many of you who are experiencing this even now, it is important to look at what that change might be and how you will need to prepare yourself for it, given whatever resources that you have.

Here you cannot rely upon governments or political parties or technological innovations, for these alone will not be sufficient to protect the people—the people of your nation, the  people of your city, the people of your town or village—from the great impacts of the Great Waves of change.

Everyone is living on a set of assumptions based upon a weak and fragile infrastructure. Should the infrastructure break, as it will, people will suddenly be thrown into desperation and confusion.

It is those who can be forewarned, it is those who have the courage to face the inevitable changes that will come and the grave possibilities they bring with them that will be strong enough to withstand these challenges and to provide strength, encouragement and direction for others.

Prepare for The Great Waves of Change.

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