Living Behind a Smokescreen

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People use confusion as a place to hide, to mask the things that they are recognizing and to avoid being with these things and taking action. It is like a smokescreen so that people will not have to see and know and act and to take the risks and to face the challenge.

It is a group addiction. It is a mass avoidance. The masses of people are living at a very low level of integrity.

You cannot allow this for yourself. You must choose otherwise. This is what has been required of all the great saints and messengers and all people who have gone on to do important and great things.

In nearly all cases, they had to break away from their former allegiances to have the freedom and the strength and the opportunity to assume a greater life and a greater service.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 14, Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action.

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