Living a Sacred Life

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What is living a sacred life?

It is a life where everything is important. Your time is important. Everything is done for a purpose and is purposeful. Even your moments of being carefree or in deep relaxation, they are purposeful too. The thousand simple pleasures of life, they are purposeful.

In the sacred life, time is never wasted. It is precious. And you must be present for it and learn to be present for it continuously, in a state of inner listening, a state of observation of the world and a state of profound gratitude for the successes and the failures that you see there. For they remind you of the power of Knowledge and the need for Knowledge.

Here you know who to be with and how to be with them, and there is no confusion in your relationships. There is no conflict or confusion regarding your obligations and commitments.

Here you work out in the world without complaint, doing what must be done to sustain yourself so that you may build your greater engagement within.

Here you are able to finally receive those individuals who really can help you and with whom you have a greater purpose and destiny.

Here you prepare yourself for the Revelation in the world that will call to you to respond. And you will be ready to respond, ready to alter your circumstances if necessary, ready to move if necessary, ready to go where Knowledge wants you to go and able to do this.

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