Life in the universe is not a theory. It is a reality.

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Our Allies say to us…

We are revealing an entire reality of life in the Universe. We are opening the door to the great mysteries that humanity has not yet penetrated, and in some cases has not even considered.

We provide a perspective that you could not have otherwise. We provide insight into important realities about life in the Greater Community that you do not have access to. And we bear witness to those of you who have begun to feel these things already within yourselves.

Our message serves as a confirmation of these deeper insights. But the question remains, can you know what you know, can you follow what you know and can you respond from this deeper part of yourself and share this with other people?

We are not here to lead you or to be leaders for humanity. Humanity must have its own leaders. Yet who will assume this mantle of responsibility? Who will have the inner conviction? Who is strong enough with Knowledge (the greater intelligence within) to see, to know and to feel the reality of what we are presenting to the point where they can take action and begin to speak out against the Intervention?

We cannot answer these questions. Only you can answer them. We can provide you glimpses into life in the Universe and an essential understanding of the nature and activities of the Intervention and of those who are intervening here. Yet we cannot answer every question and indeed it is not answers that you need as much as the inner conviction to see, to know and to act.

Our greatest desire is that we may stimulate this within enough people that a movement will arise to offset the Intervention and to demonstrate humanity’s displeasure with its uninvited guests. This would be a beneficial beginning.

But it is only the beginning, for there must be an awareness of the reality of the Greater Community. And there must be a sober and profound understanding of what humanity must do in order to secure its freedom and its well-being in this larger and far more complex arena of intelligent life.

  • Education, awareness, and Knowledge are the three key ingredients to remaining free and gaining wisdom, strength and unity for the human family as we emerge into a universe full of intelligent life. Begin your preparation today by studying The Allies of Humanity Briefings and taking a spiritual        journey now presented to our world and practiced by those ethical and advancing races in the universe, Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing.

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