My Life is a Calling

My Life is a Calling

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My Life is a Calling

A never-before-heard message from the Messenger of God, Marshall Vian Summers, streamed live to the world on February 22, 2014.
This communication is part of an inspired series of global messages from the Messenger in 2013 – 2014.

My presence in the world is a calling, a deep calling, a demonstration of the life you have come from and the life to which you will return eventually. I bring the reality of our eternal state, for God has spoken again bringing a great Revelation into a world facing catastrophic change, a world for which humanity is unprepared and unaware. For this the Lord of the Universe has given a warning, a blessing and a great preparation. It is a calling to respond. It is a calling to be reunited with the source of your life and with a greater purpose that has brought you to this world in these times under these circumstances.

My life demonstrates that calling. It is a calling beyond comprehension but it is a calling that can be deeply felt and deeply known if you can trust this within yourself, if you can respond from the power of your heart and your soul. For God brings great correction to the world’s religions and to our understanding of many things that hold people back and keep them enslaved or confused or misled. And yet this is a continuation of all the great revelations, for they have all come from the source of life. My life is a calling to this, a calling to return to that which is pure and good within you despite whatever your life has produced, a calling of freedom from the past, a calling to a greater life, to a life of restoration, dignity and purpose. To hear me is to feel this calling, for God’s great Revelation which is far greater than I, will call this forth from you from a deeper intelligence within you, a deeper Knowledge, a deeper reality.

Something this pure and this sacred must be given now in a pure form without the overlay of human commentary, human adoption and human corruption. For the time has come again for God to deliver a great Revelation to the world at a time of tremendous need and opportunity, a time that cannot be foreseen fully by anyone, for it is too great and too consequential. My life is a calling. It is a demonstration, but the gift comes from the source of all life through God’s New Revelation for the whole world, not just to one nation, tribe or group but to the entire human family now standing at the threshold of great change in the world and great change from beyond the world.

In time you will come to understand many things that could not be foreseen before. But to attain this you must respond to this deeper calling, for it already lives within you waiting to be discovered, accepted and truly followed. How this can be done without the danger of human error and confusion is now being revealed with the greatest clarity and the greatest meaning for your life and for the whole world. For this is why you have come. Beyond all human reason, beyond all human speculation, human endeavors and human beliefs, it is this greater reality that has brought you here at this time of Revelation.

The Assembly has sent one of their own into the world. The Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers is a man yet he is greater than his worldly form. He comes from the Angelic Assembly which watches over our world. It is this Assembly that has sent all the great messengers to Earth throughout our time and history.

Marshall Vian Summers was sent to the world to impart a vast New Message from God that reveals the true nature of human spirituality and human destiny and the great change that is coming to the world.

He brings a gift from the Creator for all people in the human family, people of all nations and faiths, given to a literate world of global communication.

The largest revelation ever given, is for not one tribe, nation or culture, but for all of humanity.

Over the past 30 years the Angels of God have been speaking to the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. The Revelation is spoken, recorded, transcribed and then presented to the world.

The Messenger continues to yield to the Angelic Assembly and receive the Revelation to this day, giving his life to the will of God again and again in service to those who sent him.

He is speaking to a worldwide community — broadcasting around the globe to the entire world to meet a greater and deeper human need.

The New Message from God is now available in 19 languages and studied by growing numbers of people around the world who are responding to a calling of great magnitude.

We are living at a time of Revelation and humanity is being presented a great gift. A gift of historic proportions and great consequence. Marshall Vian Summers is the Messenger for this time and the times to come. It is his time. It is our time.

Receive the Angel and the New Revelation

Read the New Message from God and learn more about the Messenger at


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