Life as it Exists in the Greater Community

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Emerging into the Greater Community is your destiny. Your isolation is now over. Though your world has been visited many times in the past, your isolated state has come to an end. Now it is necessary for you to realize that you are no longer alone—in the universe or even within your own world. This understanding is presented more fully in the Teaching in Greater Community Spirituality that is being presented in the world today. Our role here is to describe life as it exists in the Greater Community so that you may have a deeper understanding of the greater panorama of life into which you are emerging. This is necessary in order for you to be able to approach this new reality with greater objectivity, understanding and wisdom. Humanity has lived in relative isolation for so long that it is natural for you to consider that the rest of the universe functions according to the ideas, principles and science that you hold sacred and upon which you base your activities and your perceptions of the world.

The Greater Community is vast. Its furthest reaches have never been explored. It is greater than any race can comprehend. Within this magnificent creation, intelligent life exists at all levels of evolution and in countless expressions. Your world exists in a part of the Greater Community that is fairly well inhabited. There are many areas of the Greater Community that have never been explored and other areas where races live in secret. Everything exists in the Greater Community in terms of the manifestations of life. And though life as we have been describing it seems difficult and challenging, the Creator works everywhere, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge.

From The Allies of Humanity: Book One, Fifth Briefing

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on November 7, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    The “races” we have encountered so far are similar in size to us. They resmble our form so distinctively that they can’t be considered 100% alien. Those that are 100% alien have 100% differing objectives from the human race and so have no reason to contact us for any common purpose.

    All life is under the lords of creation. They manage the biosphere of any planet and make new species according to their divine plan or program. They are so large in size that if condensed down from their spiritual realm to our physical level, their bodies would be many miles long and wide. Just as humans are too large to be compared to a single cell or virus, so the lords are too large to fit into the human scale. They also regulate and administer relations between species of different planets since in the spiritual realms they are almost everywhere simultaneously, especially within their resident solar systems. They are the ones who have the final say about the outcomes of interactions between human and “alien” species. Mankind doesn’t have the final decision in these matters.

    • Ellen_Society Posted on November 8, 2012 at 11:08 am

      Thank you for sharing your beliefs, Kenneth.

      The Allies of Humanity books paint a very different picture.
      I invite you to read them.

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