Jesus was an Angel Incarnate

Jesus was an Angel Incarnate

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Marshall Vian Summers in Siem Reap, CambodiaMarshall at the ruins of the temple of Ta Prom, northern Cambodia

Marshall Vian Summers offers a special Holy Days message on the 2011 winter solstice. He speaks on the true nature of God’s Messengers, the Angelic identity of Jesus Christ and the awakening of Knowledge that is possible for each of us during these Holy Days.



In these Holy Days, as we know them now, the Great Presence is with us, the Great Presence that supersedes us, a new hope for humanity, in times which become ever more hopeless and uncertain.

The Holy Days are meant to be a bridge from us to God and a reminder that we are part of a greater life that is revealed to us through a greater intelligence within ourselves, an intelligence called Knowledge.

So my words tonight are for those of you who are gathered here and for those of you who are listening but also for the whole world and who may hear in the future, during my time on Earth and beyond.

It is a time when we acknowledge the Great Messengers of the past and the tribulation of people who have attempted to live their message.

And we remember Jesus, and let us think of Jesus now as an Angelic who took form, an Angelic who became incarnate, as they are capable of doing at any time, in any place. To us, that looks godly, but anything remarkable to us looks godly. But Jesus too was a Messenger and struggled as a man and suffered as a man.

He is not a God, but he represents something tremendous and pervasive and complete—beyond words, beyond images, beyond our imaginations, which can only imagine the things of this world.

But tonight I have the opportunity to speak to you of the great things of your life and the great things of our time, but to hear me you have to listen with a different kind of mind. If you use your worldly mind, then you cannot hear. You will want miracles. You will want dispensations. You will want what I say to conform to what you already think, and who can hear anything anew from that state of mind?

This is why the Messengers are misunderstood and maligned and even destroyed, because they speak of greater things and represent a Greater Reality that was the source of everyone’s purpose and presence in the world. But to come into this world, we are required to forget and to enter a different reality where the Mystery is unknown and our Source and our destiny are forgotten.

For the Messenger is a bridge—a bridge from the world we see and touch and know to the world we have forgotten. The Messenger must be fallible and human in our world in order to be that bridge, for even when the Angel becomes incarnate, the Angel becomes temporary, human, fallible, ignorant and subject to all the forces of corruption and persuasion of the world.

And because of that the Messenger must struggle to regain and to sustain that which has been the source of their presence and which is their direction and purpose.

The Messenger must call people to something ineffable but ever present, something we sense and feel but which our intellects cannot really understand or express clearly or easily. It is the Mystery of what I speak. That is what the Revelation and all the Revelations have been given for, is to reignite the Mystery—not just to meet the needs of the day or the needs of tomorrow or the practical difficulties facing the peoples of that time, but to ignite the Mystery because it is from the Mystery that everything issues forth—your purpose, your relationships, your destiny, your work, everything!

The world demonstrates people trying to live without the Mystery, people trying to even turn the Mystery into the manifestation, or people who don’t have the Mystery at all.

So tonight on this turning point of the world, I speak of that which will be the source of your power, your strength and your integrity because that is the message within the Message.

You will never know your greatness or your value without this.

The worldly mind will say, “Well, we’ve heard this before,” but the worldly mind has not heard and does not know. It does not know the Presence that perfuses this room and your life, and it will profane anything that is sacred, eventually.

So God speaks again at another great turning point for the world, at a turning point where the world itself will change into a different kind of reality—a world of declining resources, a world with growing conflict and social upheaval, a world of great tension and uncertainty, a world that the previous Revelations have not prepared us for and could not prepare us for, for that was not their purpose.

It is not the end of time of which I speak, but the beginning of a different kind of reality, whose outcome will be determined on how people respond and prepare for it.

It is also the turning point where humanity will have to face a universe of intelligent life—a non-human universe, a universe that does not share our values our perception or our unique history and temperament. Only God could prepare us for this, and such a preparation is now with us and before us.

It has taken a very long time to bring this forth.

And I see within this, seeing the completeness and the vast scope of the Revelation itself, how difficult it was for me to receive something that was completely beyond my understanding or education or the education and understanding of anyone I have ever met or anything I have ever read.

And as you will be asked, you are asked to yield to that which is brought before you. As I was asked in each encounter to yield to that which I was about to receive – to not contend with it, to not deny it, to not demean it, to not even exalt it but just to receive and to follow the directives that are required.

And yet this is your journey too. People do not give their life over to God. You yield—situation by situation, difficulty by difficulty, choice by choice. That is where the bridge is built, from living at the surface of your mind to the great expanse within you.

This is taking the steps to Knowledge. This is what the Revelation has provided. God would not give us a great task without giving us the means of preparation, a means that could be understood by anyone and practiced anywhere in the world, that does not require a previous religious education or any kind of special endowment. Your children can learn Steps to Knowledge. It may be easier for them.

So my task is to present the Revelation and within that to call to you to come to it with an open mind, to receive the gifts that it possesses that are meant for you. If you judge it from afar, you will not see, you will not know and you will not receive. And it is easy to judge and to dismiss and to deny because nothing is required of you to do that. It’s lazy, it’s indolent, it’s dishonest. It’s how people deal with things that they don’t want to deal with. Because to deal with a New Message from God is a big thing for you.

All I can say to encourage you is that I survived it! And that it has brought wonderful things into my life that probably would never have happened otherwise. And that is the miracle of the Revelation, that it can speak to something so elemental in you and that you can respond.

That is the miracle of Revelation. That is all that matters to those who watch over us. What you think, what you believe, what you accomplished here on Earth – it only matters that you made the connection and that you were able to respond and eventually to give of yourself.

And everything else is revealed in the light of the Revelation—everything unworthy, everything dishonest, everything malicious, everything cunning and conniving. It is all revealed in the Revelation because the purity of the engagement is so real. And everything else is cast in contrast to that.

So I call to you, people of Earth of this time, to listen and to respond, not to believe because that’s not real at the beginning, but to respond, to reflect. Do not come to conclusions before you know the truth. Let your life be a mystery, as it is. Let your future be unknown to you.
Let the Revelation that you are so privileged to receive at the outset, during my time with you, let it cast a light upon your life.

What greater gift could God give to us but the means of ending the separation, not only between us and God, but the separation between ourselves and our deeper nature, the separation between us that casts the world into constant conflict and discord?

People ask for so little of the Creator—dispensations, deliverance from difficulties, even healing. But if nothing comes of that, in the greater light of your being in the world, it is but a small thing that you ask for.

And when you ask, you must really ask! Really, really ask! Like you really need this! Otherwise, Heaven does not hear thee. Your voice should not be a still small voice when requesting to make contact.

“We cannot hear thee. Are you serious? Are you genuine? Do you really want this?” So Heaven waits, while we debate.

But the time is of the essence now. There is very little time left to find what you need to know, to gain the source of your strength and your integrity, to clear up your life, to break free of the past and to begin to embark on a different kind of journey that you were intended to make from the outset but which has been delayed for many reasons. The reasons aren’t important as much as the beginning of this journey to prepare for a greater life in a world that needs the gifts that you have brought. And that is why the Revelation speaks of these things.

It is for the people of the world.