Learn How To Meditate

Learn How To Meditate

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In learning how to still the mind, you must have a focus, you must be in a quiet place, you must be sitting comfortably, and you must have a passive attitude. Four things are required here. Your passive attitude means you are not aggressively trying to make something happen, or to solve problems or to engage in other kinds of mental activities. You are just there in a relaxed manner.

You breathe deeply. Let your breath take you deeper. You have a focus for the mind: an image, a thought, an incantation, something that does not stimulate a lot of intellectual activity, something that the mind can anchor itself upon so you can slip beneath its surface into a well of silence. Within this well of silence, deep within it, is the power and the presence of Knowledge.

The value of learning to go beneath the mind is that at any moment in life when you need to see something, to know something and to comprehend something, you can switch off your mind. You have that much control over it. Instead of dominating you and oppressing you, your mind here becomes the great tool of communication that it really is.

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