Large areas of the world will become uninhabitable

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Large areas of the world that are now highly inhabited will become uninhabitable, as it will be impossible to grow enough food there due to lack of water. There will be immense migrations of people away from such areas and away from areas of conflict. There will be environmental refugees and there will be war refugees on a scale never seen before.

There will be a great risk of pandemic illness that will arise out of deteriorating conditions, particularly in large urban areas. Many people may perish. It will be an immense and traumatic set of events.

Yet in the midst of this, there will be great human ingenuity. Technology must develop new pathways of providing energy to people, mostly through the forms of electricity. There will have to be immense efficiency and the uniting of resources within nations, and in many cases between nations.

Yet even the best human efforts will not prevent the massive change and disruptions that will occur. Human ingenuity and human cooperation will determine whether humanity will have a future and whether human civilization can survive and build a new foundation of unity and progress.

Therefore, you cannot escape the Great Waves of change, but you can minimize their damaging effects, and you can benefit from them in many ways—setting a new course for humanity, building a stronger international community of people advancing technology, social justice and human welfare.

But this will not be easy. It in fact will be the most difficult thing humanity has ever attempted. It will take great commitment, great courage, great faith, great cooperation and great personal restraint.

It will require a New Message from God to provide clarity, wisdom and Knowledge that humanity will need now if it is to capitalize on its strength and avoid capitulating to its weaknesses.

From Chapter 9: The Great Waves Prophecy

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