Knowledge Works Behind the Scenes

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The Creator is at work in all places and in all dimensions, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge. God’s work goes on behind the scenes although it is active and quite apparent if you can perceive it. It does not make a show of itself, and, therefore, it receives a minimum of resistance and contamination from the worlds and the cultures that it serves.

Knowledge is like that. It works behind the scenes. It does not need recognition. It does not need glorification. It does not need for you to bow down to it like a slave. However, it does call to you to respond and to open your mind and your heart to it so that you may reunite with the greater aspect of yourself that bonds you to all life everywhere.

Like a parent calling a wayward child back into the family, it calls you back. It calls you home, and as you progress towards it, however unknowingly, it protects you and it guides you. Though most of its gifts go unnoticed and unheeded, its presence and its beneficence are showered upon you nonetheless.

Passage from Greater Community SpiritualityChapter 5: What is Human Purpose? Join the Free School to develop an engagement with Knowledge for a greater contribution to the world.

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