Knowledge is What Moves You

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People think Knowledge is weak. It is just a feeling; it is just a thought. But it represents the core of your strength, the power of your integrity and the source of your true discernment.

Lose this and no matter how strong you think you are, no matter how controlling you try to be, you will be easily persuaded and have already been easily persuaded. This is why Knowledge must be a great emphasis, and this is why it represents the core spirituality in the universe.

Regarding the reality of contact with other nations, the power of Knowledge is the power to see beyond deception, the power to block inquiry, the power to know things that others cannot see, the power to maintain your integrity, the power to discern danger and the power to recognize a true friend and ally.

It is this greater discernment that must be brought to bear in the complexity of communications, negotiations and trade within the Greater Community, where Knowledge is rare and unknown, but to a relatively small number of individuals.

Because Knowledge has been placed within each person, it represents a potential for freedom and strength. Knowledge also has power in the mental environment—the power to inspire others, the power of inspiration. It is amazingly effective if an individual even has a little opening in their mind.

Knowledge is what moves you when you hear someone else’s genuine experience. This is what moves you when others share an experience of being moved themselves. This is what gives you the power of empathy. This is what enables you to experience another’s experience. This is what enables you to value others who seem to be different from you and to value things beyond the persuasions of wealth, power and attraction—things ineffable, but permanent and potent.

Passage from Life in the Universe, Chapter 10.

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on August 12, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    True Wisdom if given by God and come with a demonstration of power

    I am not a person into the ET Religion I call Christianity founded upon the a bedrock of the wickedness of Constantine and the murder of millions plus the direct cause of the dark ages. Remember they banned in-door emollients called water closets that dated back 2500 years. So consider the following about real Knowledge:

    Knowledge comes by faith in knowing the will of God. Plus the Holy Spirit given, including ministering Spirits called Angel’s, with power and gifts of those willing to partake. The knowledge the Allies advocate is without power to heal torn bodies and perform miracles of any sort.

    I will stick with the Holly Spirit and I don’t claim the ET version of Jesus

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