January 28, 2014: Revealing a Revelation – “The Assembly” – 6:00 PM Mountain Time, USA

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A special addition to the Concluding Messenger Vigil Broadcast!

Revealing a Revelation – A special release to the worldwide New Message community… “The Assembly”

Watch Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlIAKcJDiVg

This evening, January 28th, reveals the Source Community of the Messenger and commemorates the birth of the Messenger for our time, Marshall Vian Summers, through the worldwide release of the Revelation “The Assembly”.

“The Assembly watches and waits for those who can respond to the Message that God is sending into the world at this moment, for the Messenger is now coming forth to speak, to proclaim and to teach the Revelation. He has been withheld for a long time until the Message was complete. Now it is complete, and the world is in great need of it, greater than you can realize at this moment. Heaven watches and waits to see who can receive, who can recognize, who can take the Steps to Knowledge and receive the gift of a greater life.”
~ The Assembly

Join the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, and his family… wife and devoted companion, Patricia Summers and beloved son, Reed Summers, on this sacred and holy day that reveals the great love given to the world from the Angelic Assembly.

Watch Live on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlIAKcJDiVg
or at www.newmessage.org/live

Marshall Vian Summers, Earthday 2012

Go to Time Zone Converter to find your local time of the Broadcast.

For those who are visiting or living in Boulder, CO, USA, please join us at the Sanctuary of The New Message for this closing celebration of The Messenger’s Vigil. Please RSVP at society@greatercommunity.org by January 15th as space is limited.



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