Iran and Coronavirus: Looking through the lens of Pandemic

Iran and Coronavirus: Looking through the lens of Pandemic

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Iranian boys saying hello to Marshall and the Summers family. Neyshabur, Iran.

Looking Through the Lens of Pandemic 

The Messenger’s Journey to Iran: Opening the Floodgates of Revelation

By Patricia Summers

As this Great Waves event and pandemic spread worldwide, I think of people in countries around the world most immediately challenged by the coronavirus. One of these countries is Iran, where the number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths continue to grow dramatically. 

We here at The Society are so grateful that several students have stepped forward to begin the epic work of translating the New Message into Farsi, the native language of Iran, making the New Message available for Farsi speaking people in Iran and worldwide. May these people find  the New Message. It is here to provide strength, stability and direction for people facing these uncertain circumstances and times, both now and going forward. It is clear now, we are living in a Great Waves world.  

Marshall, myself, Darlene Mitchell and Reed Summers were fortunate to visit Iran together in 2008. Many images and experiences come to mind as I reflect back on this journey.

At the time, there was a brief lull in political tensions between the US and Iran that created a window of opportunity for us to travel there. Still, it was a complex and difficult process to gain entry to the country. To do so we were aided by the skill of an American professor of Iranian Studies who had lived in Iran leading up to the Iranian Revolution. 

Being in Iran, in the cities and in the countryside with the people, visiting their holiest religious sites and immersed in the culture, had a powerful effect upon Marshall and called forth a flood of amazing revelations, all of which will reverberate deep into the future. These revelations were received in changing circumstances even as we were transiting from one place to another, from Tehran, going East across the country to Mashad on the Afghanistan border, then South to Shiraz, north to Yazd, Esfahan, and finally to the city of Qom, the center of Shia Islamic study. The experience of being in Iran for Marshall triggered a tidal wave of revelation that then continued months after we left.

While in Iran, Marshall received these six revelations:


A mere month after leaving Iran and upon eventually returning to Boulder, the entire Great Waves of Change book was received over 8 days from 5/30/08 to 6/6/08.

Then five days later on 6/11/08, the first 5 chapters of Life in the Universe were received. The next day, on 6/12/08, another 5 chapters were received, and the final 4 chapters of Life in the Universe were received the day after that on 6/13/08.

Then five days after that on 6/18/08, the entire Allies of Humanity Book 3 was received by Marshall in one day.

Our time in Iran, and Marshall’s intimate experience of the place and its people, was part of a new flood of revelation that began in 2008 and continued into the years following.  

Therefore, we think of the people of Iran now, who are experiencing great suffering. (At this time, there are reports that a person dies in Iran from this pandemic every 10 minutes). The plight and predicament that the people of Iran face is formidable, and so it may be for all of us, as together we face the growing challenge of the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping across the world. 

We send gratitude to those Iranians who welcomed the Messenger into their country without knowing who he really was. If they only knew then who Marshall really is. We acknowledge the power of the Presence there in Iran that helped create such a powerful opening for the Revelation to flow. May this Presence carry the people of Iran forward through these trying times.  

As of today because of the work of just three student translators, there are 53 translated revelations of the New Message in Farsi, including one entire book of the New Message. And for this, the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers sends them his immense gratitude and blessings.

Next Steps And What You Can Do

We at the Society for the New Message invite you to consider the taking one or more of the next steps:

Explore the revelations and books which were received by Marshall on this consequential journey to Iran. See the links above.

For a pictoral experience of this consquential visit: Journey to Iran

For a personal experience, listen to some of Marshall’s teachings here.

Spend time with the revelations contained in these books of Revelation and with the tools and practices they contain: 

The Great Waves of Change-Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead

The New World

Register to join the Free School of the New Message here and engage directly with Marshall Vian Summers and with people from around the world who are engaging in the teachings of the New Message Revelation and who are actively taking the journey to a new life of higher contribution in our rapidly changing world

Thank you everyone. May we have the opportunity to meet one another one day.

And more importantly may we join with Marshall, with others and with the deeper intelligence within us, which the New Message calls Knowledge, to build a new life and a new platform of strength in this world, from which we may assist others.

6 Responses to "Iran and Coronavirus: Looking through the lens of Pandemic"

  1. Shawn Mathieson Posted on March 28, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Thank you for this blog Patricia. It shows a clear map of the New Message from God during this time. There is something mysterious about seeing the formation of this divine process from such a complete and wide perspective. To be able to “picture ” it and marinate in the reverie of its realty is a true blessing.

    In deep gratitude.

  2. sergio Posted on March 29, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    I am discovering this blog that will accompany me during the week of fasting and confinement that I begin today. My spiritual practice and daily steps will be guided by these revelations that I will read to be able to immerse myself in them. God Bless You

  3. Prem Posted on March 29, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    As a avid reader of New Message, am curious to know what other places outside of USA has Messenger travelled to?
    Has he ever travelled to India?
    From a spiritual perspective, I think of Western countries as deserts, in a way, devoid of spiritual energies.
    I have travelled very little in India, and from my travels here, I can say that a person can sense a flood of energies the moment he/she steps in the temple.
    And there are so many such high energy places in India
    In particular I have been thinking of a question as to Are there living persons who are connected to knowledge.
    From what I can feel, I have seen and read about so many people in India who are living and are connected to knowledge and have devoted their life to the sole purpose of service to humanity.
    Patricia, I will like to know your views on abv subject.
    Thanks for the abv and vivid details of Messenger’s journey to Iran

  4. Mathieu Posted on March 29, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    This is from Kourosh, in Iran: “Great memories of Marshall’s family in Iran.
    It’s very consoling to see how we are all connected and how the puzzle of our journey is presenting a pattern for each piece to be settled in its right place.”

  5. Marsha Posted on March 30, 2020 at 12:31 am

    Thank you Patricia. Very helpful to read and stay connected with the community. Many blessings to all that you are doing.

  6. Maryam Posted on March 30, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Oh great memory of my homeland.

    I think of places, people, cultures, relations, occurrences…
    How do they draw a magic in time, in future… for sure there`s a mystery behind all of this, waiting to be uncovered someday, somewhere, in some way..
    I had to leave Iran just like many other people, still thinking what is happening there and why. Latent potentials are there waiting to be expressed & unfolded but no freedom of any kind. Environmentalists, human right activists are suppressed, it seems people are in a deep confusion, the new generations are seemingly manipulated trying to seek mundane purposes as its the case in many countries these days. But I’m sure the energy is still there. I hope there would be more flowers to flourish, new people could be awakened and find the New Message.
    Not just in Iran it’s a wish specially for the Middle East and for Asia and for all planet earth as well.

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