How was the New Message received?

A great love has brought this New Message into the world – the love of the Creator for Creation, the love of the Creator for the human family – showing humanity its great opportunity within this world to become a united and free race.”

The New Message represents the will of God for humanity, both now and for the times to come. God’s will has been translated into language, into a preparation and into a complete teaching through the Angelic Presence who represent the Divine will and purpose for humanity in this world.

The New Message from God was delivered over a period more than 41 years ago. It was received in a state of revelation by Marshall Vian Summers. Every word of the message was first spoken and recorded, then later transcribed. This has preserved the integrity and purity of the New Message in its original form. What would eventually become entire books were received in days or even hours. For example, the 27 chapters of Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation were received in just eleven days. This process of revelation continues.

This is how the New Message from God has come into the world, and its transmission is in keeping with all the great Messages that have ever been sent into the world for the advancement of humanity. God always communicates these great and timely Messages through the Angelic Presence, both to this world and to all worlds within the Universe. This is the nature of Divine transmission. This is how God communicates to individuals and to whole worlds and races.

The New Message from God is meant to serve humanity at this time and in the times to come. It is a very great Message. Its gift, its efficacy and its timeliness for the human family should never be underestimated.

Great Wisdom and Knowledge it carries, Knowledge and Wisdom beyond anything that has been given to humanity before. And it will take great courage, humility and patience to receive the full extent of what the New Message contains. Its power, its truth and the peace that it offers will surpass human understanding.

God’s New Message holds the hope and the promise of guiding the human family into the future so that humanity may build greater freedom and justice in the world and take its place as a free and united race in the Greater Community of worlds.