What does the New Message ask of me?

The New Message asks of you honesty, sincerity, integrity and commitment – all the things that everyone needs to establish in his or her own life and everything that needs to be established within the communities and villages, the cities and nations of the world.

The New Message asks you to honor what you need and what the world needs. It asks you to recognize and receive the blessings of the Creator and the preparation that the Creator has sent into the world for the benefit of all of humanity.

If this seems too much for anyone, then they do not recognize their own needs. They have not come to understand the needs of their soul, the needs of their heart. They are preoccupied with what they want and what they fear. They have not yet reached the point of recognizing that they need to find their greater purpose in life. They need to make a contribution in order to feel satisfaction and happiness. They need to give to the preservation of the world in order that their life may feel vital, meaningful and purposeful.

The New Message from God asks that you recognize the need for a New Message, that you read the New Message, that you consider it and begin to apply it and live it.

It asks you to receive its blessings, its benefit, its strength and its power in your own life.

It asks you to share this New Message with others and maintain it in a pure form, without altering it or changing it or trying to align it with anything else.

In essence, you are asked to receive the New Message from God and to bear witness to it. And if you can receive its blessings, you are asked to advocate for it and to advocate for its protection in the world.

So the New Message asks you to receive what you need and what the world needs. Let this be your understanding.