Is this a new religion? Why does the world need a new religion?

The world needs a new understanding and a new awareness. Out of this, forms of spiritual practice and communities will arise, and in this sense, yes, it is like a new religion. But the purpose of the New Message is not simply to create another religion in competition or in contrast to all other religions, but instead to advance human understanding of its spiritual reality, its greater challenges in the world and its destiny in a universe replete with intelligent life.

What humanity needs is a new experience and a new understanding of God’s will, intent and presence in the world, of the great change that is coming and of the forces that threaten to undermine human unity, freedom and sovereignty in the world.

The world therefore does not need a new religion as much as it needs a new understanding and awareness and a new commitment to human unity in the face of great undermining change. This is not simply a good idea. This is not simply a high moral principle. This is a necessity if humanity is to survive and remain free.

Only something of great necessity would call a New Message from God into the world. Only a need so prevailing would call such a new testament into the world. Only a situation for which humanity cannot prepare itself would call for a New Message from God and with it a preparation to enable people to gain this new experience and understanding, which are so needed in the world today.