Do I have to become a convert or follower of the New Message in order to receive the New Message?

No. To receive the New Message is to receive its wisdom and its teaching about Knowledge, purpose, relationship, unity, cooperation and humanity’s emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

Take the New Message then and give it to your people, your nation, your tribe, your religion, and recognize the great forces that are threatening to undermine humanity’s survival, freedom, and sovereignty within this world. There must be a new commitment to human freedom, unity and the preservation of the world. This commitment can only arise from the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within each person.

Then you can be a Buddhist with a Greater Community awareness and commitment. You can be a Muslim with a Greater Community awareness and commitment. You can be a Catholic or a Protestant or practice any other religion or spiritual path that you have chosen, but with a greater perspective. For it is important to understand here that God does not seek to create a new religion, but a new understanding, a new awareness and a new commitment. And these must reside within all of humanity’s nations and religions.

However, there are some for whom the New Message will be their path and their way, and they will become its first recipients, its first practitioners. They will feel that they have been given what they have been looking for, which is a new way. For everyone else, the New Message gives humanity a greater awareness, understanding, power and commitment that must be expressed throughout the human family.

Receive then the New Message. Bring it into your heart, your mind, your family, your community, your religious tradition, your nation and your understanding of the world, and you will have received the New Message from God.