What does the New Message advocate?

1. Human freedom – learning to build, maintain and protect your individual freedom and humanity’s collective freedom in the face of grave and unprecedented challenges.

2. Human unity, cooperation and the cessation of war and conflict – not out of high morals and ideals but for humanity’s collective survival.

3. Sustainability and the restoration of the environment—preserving and sharing the world’s diminishing resources, instead of competing over them, to avoid war so that humanity can have a future worth living.

4. Primacy of Knowledge within the individualKnowledge is the Great Endowment of the Creator that lives within you and allows you to experience and express humanity’s One Spirituality, beyond all divisions of race, culture, nation & religion. Knowledge alone has the power both to guide and protect the individual and to unite and enable humanity to chart a new way forward.

5. Peaceful coexistence and cooperation amongst the world’s religions—All the world’s religions were initiated by God and were never intended to be in competition and conflict with one another.

6. Becoming strong in the mental environment—You live in a mental environment as well as a physical environment. The mental environment is the pervasive environment of thought and influence in which we all live. To be able to think freely, to be discerning and to resist mental manipulation, you must learn about the mental environment and become a force within it. Steps to Knowledge, the New Message Book of Practice, teaches you how to do this.

7. Preparing for the Greater Community — Our isolation is over. The New Message prophecy reveals that humanity is not alone in the Universe or even within its own world. The New Message is here to prepare individuals and nations for the reality, danger and opportunity of encountering a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe. As the native peoples of this one world, we must face our first encounters with intervening forces with wisdom and discernment and establish our own rules of engagement.

8. Preparing for the Great Waves of Change —The New Message prophecy reveals that Great Waves of Change are now converging upon the entire human family, creating a situation unprecedented in human history. Among the Great Waves are climate change and catastrophic weather, diminishing energy resources, severe environmental deterioration, declining food production, economic instability and the growing threat of competition, conflict and war over the world’s remaining resources. The Great Waves will create immense instability around the world, even in wealthy nations. Recognizing and preparing for the reality of the Greater Community and the coming Great Waves of Change represent the great needs of our time. The New Message has come to prepare us for navigating the difficult times ahead.

9. Contributing to a world in need—True happiness is the result of doing what you came here to do. To accomplish this, you must unite your thinking mind with the deeper mind of Knowledge within you and develop the wisdom and strength to fulfill your mission in the world.

10. Building the Four Pillars of your life—your life has four pillars, like the four legs of a table, which uphold your life and give it strength, stability and balance:

  • The Pillar of Relationships
  • The Pillar of Health
  • The Pillar of Work & Providership
  • The Pillar of Spiritual Development

The New Message reveals what the Four Pillars really mean and how they can be strengthened and maintained. You will need strong pillars to be able to withstand the Great Waves and be a source of strength for others.

11. Relationships of Higher Purpose— You were born with a mission and with the Knowledge to help you find and fulfill this mission. As a result, there are certain individuals in life you must meet and engage with. At a deeper level, this represents your search for relationship. In the New Message, these are called relationships of higher purpose. The New Message teaches you how to find and discern these individuals beyond all other forms of attraction and obligation. You cannot find and fulfill your mission alone. You will need exceptional relationships of honesty and integrity whose mission and destiny are in alignment with your own.

There must be a new testament advocating these things. The New Message from God is a new testament, a new understanding, a new way, which goes beyond all of the beliefs and assumptions about the past, beyond all of the conflicts and discord from the past.

The New Message advocates wisdom, human freedom, purpose, unity and cooperation based upon humanity’s One Spirituality and the great needs of our time.