How Do I Communicate with God?

Through Knowledge you can feel the presence of all relationships. This is the experience of God.

God is the Source of Knowledge within you, Knowledge being your deeper spiritual mind that the Creator has bestowed upon you and upon all sentient beings in the Universe.

God has created the physical Universe, but not in the way that you might think. God has set in motion an evolutionary process in the physical Universe to occupy all space and time for those who live in space and time, for those who are separated from the Creator by their own will and intentions.

To understand this statement, that God is the Creator of Knowledge within you, you must understand the difference between your spiritual mind and your worldly mind. You must understand the difference between your Spirit, your mind and your body.

Knowledge within you represents your connection to God and to your life beyond this world. This connection exists both within and beyond all true religions. Knowledge is pure and permanent and is beyond the reach of any worldly power or influence.

The New Message will teach you how to understand these things in the clearest way possible. Yet because this is a new threshold and a new understanding for humanity, it will take time and encouragement from others who are learning with you. It is difficult and challenging to learn something for the first time when everyone around you holds a different set of values and assumptions.

If you can see that Knowledge within you is the part of you that is permanent, the part of you that has been created by God and is still connected to God, the part of you that has been imbued with the wisdom of God to guide and to protect your life in this world at this time, then you can begin to see the nature of this Divine authorship and why it is so crucially important for you who seek to find true purpose, meaning and direction in your life.