The Intervention is of two kinds

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The Intervention is of two kinds. There are resource explorers, which nearly always represent one race, operating with great freedom and impunity, which are clients of larger powers. Sometimes, they are clients of independent trading networks that are engaged in illegal trade. Those resource explorers who have been in your world and who are in your world today represent members of this group.

Then there are Collectives, who are multi-racial, hierarchical and very well organized. Their worker classes are bred for specific purposes, and they are involved in collective breeding, which is a practice not all advanced races are engaged in.

The Collectives seek a more permanent residence in this world. They seek it as a world that either they or their clients could own and govern from afar, with human assistance. That is why such great care has been taken to study human psychology, human physiology and your reproductive process, as well as the biological hazards that exist on Earth. That is one of the reasons that plant samples have been taken and the world has been observed for such a very long time.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Tools of the Intervention.

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  1. rosemary schroeder Posted on October 23, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    Hi….Since diff visitors come from diff places in the universe [ong distantce past & ongoing], some tinkered with our DNA, and/or put us here in first place to fit into this carbon planet for various reasons=to do their bidding for certain elements, gold, etc? or for “fun”, for “profit”, experiemental ?
    For whatever reason, they allowed us to have ability to “think” & “reason” best we can with these physical bodies in a difficult physical place and talk about it via language and knew it would come to our conclusion that freedom & liberty & truth were essential to make sensible choices about anything.
    HOWEVER…… they then should negotiate with us, let US make decisions about our future/outcome/welfare/existence. Of course, if they wish not to do so because they “own” us, they will do what they want.
    It would be a nice scenario if they thought that having given us independence & freedom, they have contributed to the value of the universe….the human being on this particular planet……and leave us alone. Or help us help ourselves with more understanding….crop circles, petroglphics, religious stories aren’t enough for each human being to understand believable information to get the real facts about our creation, history, outcome.
    If they are contacting high human officials who have power to continue to deceive the human race, it is unfair, unjust & unloving not to share with the whole human race the truth about our existence. These “visitors”, then, are evil for evil purposes only. If there is a supreme universe ruler [“God”], could intervene, but does not, or our present existence would not be what it is today around the globe.
    Thanks for all your knowledge and sharing.

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