Humanity’s Essential Development

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Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself. It has never had to deal with other forms of intelligent life, particularly other forms of intelligent life that carry great power and ability—not only technologically, but in the mental environment.

In this respect, humanity is still a primitive race. It is only beginning to recognize the potency of power in the mental environment. It is only beginning to recognize both the constructive and destructive potential of technology. Yet the great frontier in the mental environment is only beginning to be discovered and valued amongst the leaders of human nations.

Because you are unskilled in dealing with foreign powers in the Greater Community, you have not yet cultivated the necessary discernment that is required to discern the nature and intentions of a race that not only looks different but is different—that thinks differently, that has different values, that has different priorities, that has  different traditions and that has a different social structure, a different history and a different well of experience.

Humanity has not yet learned that power in the universe is power in the mental environment. It still thinks of power in the universe as empires conquering and destroying one another. This represents a child’s view of the universe.

  • The above passage is from the “Life in the Universe”.  Life in the Universe is a New Message teaching that provides a window into the living story of our universe.
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