Humanity – One Race Among Many

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Humanity must learn of its life in the Greater Community and of the greater forces that are shaping the world today. Only a teaching and understanding from beyond the world could give you this advantage and this preparation.

You are not alone in undertaking such a great task, for there are others in the universe undertaking this, even at your stage of development.

You are but one of many races emerging into the Greater Community at this time. Each one holds promise and yet each is vulnerable to the difficulties, challenges and influences that exist in this greater environment.

Indeed, many races have lost their freedom before it was ever attained only to become part of collectives or commercial guilds or client states to larger powers.

We do not wish to see this happen for humanity, for this would be a great loss. It is for this reason that we are here.

It is for this reason that the Creator is active in the world today, bringing a new understanding to the human family. It is time for humanity to prepare for life in the Greater Community.

From The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Fifth Briefing.

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