How Will Humanity Proceed?

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The best human efforts will not prevent the massive change and disruptions that will occur. But human ingenuity and human cooperation will determine whether humanity will have a future and whether human civilization can survive and can build a new foundation of unity and cooperation.

Those who are visionary and who can see what is coming over the horizon are condemned as being negative, unspiritual or doomsday people. Your visionaries are discarded, ignored or vilified while everyone continues to devastate the world, to deplete its resources and to diminish its future possibilities.

Great decisions will have to be made as to how humanity will proceed—decisions both at the level of government and leadership and at the level of each person. Will you fight and struggle for what you want, to hold onto what you have, or will you unite with others to provide a greater stability in your communities, in your towns, your cities and your nations? Will you accept the reality of the Great Waves of change, or will you continue to deny them, projecting onto life your preferences, your dreams, your fantasies and the assurances that your indulgences can be maintained indefinitely.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 9.

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