How do you find your purpose in life?

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The need for Knowledge will grow dramatically. There are so many people in the world that have so little; there are so few that have so much. The resources of the world are shrinking, and the problems of the world are growing. This is seemingly a terrible situation when you put it all together, but it is just the kind of situation that will call people into action-not just an individual here and there who is inspired, but greater numbers of people. The world will be calling them out of their self-preoccupation. The world will be calling them out of their personal interests and tragedies. The world will be demanding things of them.

This is what calls your purpose out of you. Do not think you can go off and meditate all day every day and find your purpose. You must go into the world and have it brought out of you. The world represents a relationship in which purpose is initiated, fostered and realized. That is why seeking escape from the world or a permanent retreat from the world is counterproductive. The very tribulations in the world that you find so difficult and so unpleasant are the very things that will call out of you the greatness that you have come to give. Do not, then, condemn the world when in fact it creates the right conditions for your redemption.

The world’s emergence into the Greater Community will be the greatest transition humanity has ever faced. This is understandable because humanity is a very recent race. Yes, the primitive life of your ancestors went on for a very long time, mainly because your world is such an easy world to live in compared to other worlds. However, the demands of life now are much greater, and the pace of life is much faster. That is because the evolution of the world is accelerating. It is accelerating because of the global population of humanity, it is accelerating because of the global problems of humanity and it is accelerating because of the presence of Greater Community forces in the world.

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