Hidden Powers

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Humanity has a strength that it has not yet realized, a strength that can offset the Intervention, a strength that will give humanity a greater promise and a greater power in the universe. This is an unseen strength. It is a strength that once experienced becomes an essential force in directing one’s life and in providing one’s true power and security.

This power is called Knowledge in the universe. It is the power to see, to know and to act with clarity and certainty. It is a power that is beyond persuasion and manipulation from any foreign source or from any other source. It is a power that is given as a potential to each individual within the human family and beyond.

Knowledge within you is united with Knowledge within others. So as Knowledge becomes stronger in the human family, war and conflict will lose their appeal and attraction. As Knowledge becomes stronger in the human family, offers of foreign technology and foreign governance will lose their appeal. To Knowledge, they will mean nothing. All those things that influence people to harm themselves, or to engage in activities that are not in their best interests, will lose their appeal in the face of Knowledge, this deeper power.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, The Forth Briefing – Hidden Powers.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on March 5, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Man’s greatest gift is his capacity for logic and rationality. Contrary to popular opinion, psychic powers are inferior to logical faculties since they only pertain to immediate, local situations. These powers will continue to decline in manifestation in the future, although in truly chaotic times (including now) they temporarily surface as a survival strategy. The true aliens never communicate by word of mouth because that is given only to human beings; rather they, employ their tremendous powers of telepathy to circumvent the situation. They rank beside human beings as super-intelligent animals in spirituality, and animals have no right to physically speak the way humans do. Words make the human being, and knowledge must be expressible in words to be valuable for the human species.

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