The World Must Hear God’s New Revelation

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The world must hear God’s New Revelation, or it will not prepare for the great future, for the new world it is just beginning to experience. It will not end its ceaseless conflicts but degrade the world even further, casting humanity into ever greater darkness and confusion.

The world must hear God’s New Revelation. For the great traditions of the past were not meant to prepare humanity for this great threshold in your evolution. They cannot prepare you for a universe full of intelligent life. They cannot prepare you for a world in decline, a world that will alter everything that you see and know.

They were given at different times in history to build human civilization, to build and reinforce true humanitarianism, true human ethics and high principles. Though many have not been able to follow these things, they had to be established or humanity would be forever a primitive, violent, self-destructive race, degrading a beautiful world, which is so rare in a universe of barren planets and inhospitable places.

The world must hear of God’s New Revelation because it alone holds the key to your future, to your safety, to human unity, purpose and cooperation. There are too few people in the world who value these sufficiently to be able to change and alter the course that you are plotting for yourself, even at this moment. It must come from God—your Source, the Creator of all life, the Creator of everything.

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Author: tyyne