A Greater Reality Wishes to Express Itself Through You

A Greater Reality Wishes to Express Itself Through You

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Greater Reality is found in KnowledgeThe Greater Reality of which you are a part wishes to express itself through you in the world so that you may experience your own greatness and the greatness of others. Here you extend the experience of your Spiritual Family into the world. Here you experience your Ancient Home while you are in the world. This sparks all minds that are still asleep to awaken. This is the mystery of Knowledge.

The ultimate contribution from one person to another is when one person’s Knowledge ignites another person’s Knowledge. Mysterious this is, beyond the comprehension of human thought. And yet, this is what gives human thought all its value and its purpose, meaning and direction. This is what gives human endeavor all of its purpose, meaning and direction. This is what gives temporary accomplishments permanent value. This is what reclaims relationships in the Universe.

As your Knowledge begins to be discerned and accepted and becomes a source of Inner Guidance for you, it will become ever more powerful. This will make it more and more difficult for you to make a mistake. As Knowledge within you becomes more powerful, it will stimulate other minds to open to Knowledge within themselves. This is the most immediate and natural form of teaching. Other forms of teaching are necessary to prepare for this, for your mind and body must be prepared for Knowledge.

Passage from Relationships and Higher PurposeChapter 6, Your Relationship with Knowledge.

Your Greater Reality is contained in Knowledge and may be accessed by taking the Steps To Knowledge.

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