The Divine Mystery of Your Life

The Divine Mystery of Your Life

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Human understanding can never encompass the Divine awareness. And human ethics and human law can never mirror perfectly the Divine awareness, for it is far too great and mysterious, extending far and far beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect.

People want to have a concrete understanding. But God is mysterious. What God has put within you to follow is mysterious. And while you are in the world, your greater life beyond the world is mysterious.

Therefore, the Mystery is an essential and fundamental part of your life, greater than you currently realize. It stands as the greater aspect of your reality. It represents your origin and your destiny beyond this world—the mystery of your relationships, the deeper inclinations, the mystery of the power of Knowledge and the greater intelligence the Creator has given to you, which is waiting to be discovered.

This certainly is beyond human comprehension, but it is not beyond human experience.

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