Grandeur, Folly and the Greater Truth

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The world in its grandeur and in its folly teaches you what to value and to recognize what is true. Contrast must be evident in learning for you to make these distinctions. To distinguish what is true from what is false and what is meaningful from what is meaningless, you must have contrast in learning. You must taste the meaningless to find out its true nature and content, and you must taste the meaningful to find out its true nature and content. The world continuously provides you the opportunity to do both.

At this time your need is to taste the true increasingly, and that is why we emphasize this in your daily practice now. You have already indulged yourself in the false so sufficiently that it has dominated your mind and attention. Now we feed you the true, but you must also learn to benefit from what the false has given you. Then you will need to investigate the false no more. The false has already presented itself to you.

Now you are learning to recognize its presentation and to utilize what benefit it can offer you. The only benefit the false can offer you is to learn to recognize its lack of substance so that you may desire to know what is true and have greater capacity to receive it.

In Step 179 of Steps to Knowledge, you investigate this idea actively with your mind.  You apply your mind to understanding how the world has supported you.

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  1. john mccarter Posted on January 28, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I used to value your opinions . It seems that you are choking on the bias and untrust that you spread about any other ETs other than the ones you have proclaimed as our saviors. You may not agree with Steven Greer, but at least he has no negativity to spread and he IS doing something about world crisises.

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