God’s Plan to Save Everyone

God’s Plan to Save Everyone

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Today I speak of God’s Love and God’s Plan to save everyone.

We need a new understanding of God, not born of ancient history, not born of an ancient understanding, but born of what we truly recognize is the Divine Spirit & Presence, regardless of our religious faith, teaching or orientation.

And I say to you here that God’s Plan is to save everyone—not the select few, not just those who claim that Jesus is their lord, not them alone, or those who claim to be the followers of Muhammad, or those who practice and apply the teachings of the Buddha, or those who follow the ancient scriptures of the prophets in Judaism—not them alone.

For God’s Plan is to save everyone. God’s Plan is to save that part of Creation that has broken away and now lives in a physical reality—a reality of change and difficulty; a reality that requires very different things of us and has altered our experience of ourselves so completely that most people do not know their deeper nature or their intrinsic connection with the Divine.

If God’s Plan is to save everyone, that changes the landscape. That means that our admonitions and our prescriptions for salvation must by their very nature be limited, for there is no person in the world, there is no individual in the universe, who knows what God is going to do next or can fathom the Plan of God.

For the Plan of God is not only for this one world alone, but for the billions and billions and billions of worlds in the universe around us, within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. God’s Plan is for them as well, for our world is like a grain of sand on a beach that extends as far as the eye can see.

This is the God of the Greater Community. This is the God of our world. To know what God is doing in our world, one must begin to consider what God is doing in a universe of intelligent life—a non-human universe; a universe filled with races and beings at every level, at every stage of evolution and social development; a universe where billions of religions exist, where all sentient beings struggle to return to their Source.

Let us not be arrogant. Let us not be presumptuous. Let us not say that God cannot speak again. Let us not say that only those who believe as you believe will find salvation and redemption. Let us not point our fingers at another faith and say it is not of God, for that is ignorance.

Do not say that your teacher, your savior, is the savior of all, for God knows that not everyone can follow one teaching or one teacher, and that is why God has set in motion, over time and at strategic points in our history and evolution, different pathways for different peoples.

If God only wanted to claim the few, the elect, the elite, the true believers, then that would not be a God of Love. That would not be salvation for the world. To save a handful of individuals and throw the rest of us away is not the act of a loving God. That is not the act of a merciful God. That is not the Will and Plan of the Creator of all life.

Let us not be foolish and arrogant and point to our scriptures and say, “Well, it says here that no man can come to God except through me.” We don’t even know who is speaking there. Is that Jesus the individual or is that the Holy Spirit speaking through Jesus the individual? How you answer this question changes the meaning of that statement entirely.

God is intelligent. God knows that not everyone can assume the same beliefs, follow the same path, accept the same theology or even identify with the same emancipator—because God is intelligent and we are not.

When people say that God can only come through this belief, or this acceptance, or this proclamation of faith, they are thinking like men, not like God.

Even God’s Messengers do not know what God is going to do next. Even they cannot claim to represent God’s Plan in its entirety, Even the Angelic Host does not know what God is going to do next.

Let us be humble as we stand before the Creator of all life and not be presumptuous and arrogant, conceited and self-righteous.

Let us recognize that we are dealing with something far greater, far more expansive and far more inclusive than anything that we can conceive of.

I say to you that God’s Plan is to save everyone, through time. Eventually, even the deepest gates of Hell will be opened, and their inhabitants will be liberated.

Even the darkest places of denial and suffering will be open to the Light of the Creator, for God’s Will is to reclaim all through the Power and Presence that God has placed within each person, be they of this religion or that religion, even if they have no religion that anyone can identify.

To say that God is all merciful and all loving, you must say that God’s Will is to save everyone, or your claim is false and contingent.

God knows that the world is a difficult place. God understands that people will not become saints here, except perhaps a few.

God knows that we will have to undo what we have created that stands between us and God and that is why God has put the power of Knowledge, a deeper mind, within us, for without this deeper mind, we could not free ourselves.

The Plan is bigger than any religion. It is bigger than any theology. It is bigger than any proclamation of faith or requirement that we place on the meaning of redemption.

We do not know the mind of God. We only know our mind and the minds of those who influence us.

Let us be humble before the Lord of all life and not claim to be the arbitrators and the administrators of God’s Plan, for we know only a little, and we only know what’s been provided to us so far. Even amongst the religious, there are few who know the power and presence that God has placed within them, and that is why the saints and the mystics throughout time have been persecuted by the clerics—those who are people of the word and the law, but not people of the Spirit and the Mystery.

Let us be open and admit we do not know the truth, absolutely.

Let us be humble and admit that we do not know God’s Plan, absolutely.

Let us recognize that our traditions are gifts and pathways and not meant to be used to divide humanity and to set us in conflict and contrast with one another. For all the world’s religions have been initiated by God and all have been changed and corrupted by man, over time.

God’s Plan is to save everyone.

Think of this. Consider this, and see how provisional you want God’s Plan to be. You want only certain people to be saved, the people you like or who believe in or meet your criteria.

Yet who amongst even them will be able to return to the Creator completely? Even amongst the devout, there is perhaps a small percentage who are truly united with the Spirit. All others can become prosecutors of the law, upholders of an ideology, a tradition and an institution.

Let us stand humble and bear witness to the mystery and the power of the Creator, as they work within us and others, and not presume that we understand or can administer such things ourselves.

For God’s Plan is to save everyone—even the most sinful amongst us, even the most corrupt, even the most degraded and pathetic. Only God knows how to do this, and God is not bound by our beliefs and proclamations. Who amongst you can say this is not the case?

Let us not be arrogant, foolish or ignorant standing before the Mystery, of which we know so very little.

Let us not use our Scriptures to define God’s Will & Purpose, for our Scriptures were a prescription for a people for a time. They do not encompass the majesty of Creation or the power and the inclusiveness of redemption.

Let us stand humble before the Mystery and the Power of the Lord.

Let us become vehicles of Grace, for each of us was sent to serve a world in great need, a world facing great and dangerous change.

Let us realize we are here to feed people and serve people and to serve the world and preserve the world so that it may be a place that our children and their children may live in, without undue tribulation,

Let us honor the sacred traditions of the world and not set them in contrast and conflict, for the Spirit of God is in them all despite their seeming differences and despite the ever-growing controversies born of human misunderstanding, ignorance and denial.

Let this be your understanding.

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3 Responses to "God’s Plan to Save Everyone"

  1. David Posted on July 16, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    I cried when reading this. It is truth to the core. Thank you for your service to humanity Marshall.

  2. fredpickles Posted on August 6, 2012 at 11:06 am

    “there is no person in the world, there is no individual in the universe, who knows what God is going to do next or can fathom the Plan of God” So how come you seem to know it?

    • Society Posted on August 6, 2012 at 12:58 pm

      The Angelic Presence sends God’s messages to Marshall as they unfold.
      Marshall does not know ahead of time what they will be.
      Marshall is the one who has been chosen to deliver these Messages to the world.