God’s New Revelation

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God’s Revelation is providing you a window into this Greater Community of life, a window that only God could provide. For there is nothing in the universe that God is not aware of. No race can certainly make such a claim. No race has the comprehension of even this one galaxy. No race has a comprehension of the deeper nature of humanity.

Even those few races in this region of space who are free and self-determined, even they cannot fully understand what human nature really means.

Everyone in the universe is seeking resources, and the more technologically advanced nations are very dependent upon this. You do not reach a place where this need ceases to exist because as you advance technologically, the need escalates in response to it.

Humanity does not know it is at a great threshold, a great turning point, a turning point that will create a future unlike the past. Living in a declining world, a world of declining resources and shrinking opportunities, you do not see your great vulnerability to space. Your borders are unguarded. Your people are unaware. Your governments are subsumed in their internal difficulties and problems with one another.

This world is such a beautiful place, so rich biologically, with so many important resources that are difficult to find in a universe of barren worlds.

The Revelation from God must awaken you to the realities, the difficulties and the opportunities of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. None of God’s previous Revelations were required to do this because the need was not there. Humanity had not progressed that far.

Passage from Entering the Greater Community. A New Message Revelation and a focus of this session’s Free School.

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