How to End War

“War will end when humanity realizes that its borders to space are unguarded and that its resources here on Earth are becoming dangerously depleted. It will take all nations to bond together to protect the world from intervention from the outside and from collapse on the inside. In this, there is only one choice, for the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.” – Marshall Vian Summers
About the Sayings of the Messenger

The Sayings of the Messenger are those statements attributed to Marshall Vian Summers, Messenger of the New Message from God. These statements were recorded by those closest to the Messenger, across his life and in locations around the world, and are archived here as a gift to the world and to all who seek to learn and live the New Message both now and into the future. Here you will find the gift of Knowledge and wisdom, given by the one sent from the Angelic Assembly to receive God’s new message for humanity.

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