God’s Messenger in Syria

“The world sounds the same—the vibrations and noise of a big city. It is but the signs of great change to come…At this moment, you can stand in the middle of a city of two million people and in 20 years, it will be desolate….Millions of people will have to flee the arid regions of the world.”


The Race to Save Human Civilization


Aleppo, Syria

About the fourth Journey of the Messenger in 2009

In the winter of 2009, the Messenger embarked on a round-the-world journey to the United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan. On this journey, he would further receive revelations of the New Message from God and begin to present and broadcast them to the world. With this, he would begin to explore the new and growing dimensions of the Revelation, which had resumed only three years prior, in 2006, following a long silence.

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In Aleppo

The Race to Save Human Civilization

The Threshold of Personal Revelation

In Damascus

The Prophet

The Threshold of Personal Revelation

Received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers on July 21, 2009 in Aleppo, Syria

It is important to understand that at any point in time in the world, certain people are called. And this calling comes both from within them and from the outside. It is a calling that reverberates in the world and within their inner being. But it is a calling that only they can feel and perhaps another who is there to assist them or to support them in their own personal revelation.

People think of revelation in terms of the whole world or a nation of people, but there really must be a personal revelation, and this revelation is the result of many steps and many stages. It is not something that you can control. You cannot force yourself to have this revelation because it involves contact with the Spiritual Powers around you and with the Will of the Creator.

Therefore, through arduous spiritual practice or through intense personal affirmation, you cannot make this revelation occur. If your spiritual practice is effective, however, it will hasten and quicken the moment when this revelation will come. But the day and the hour is still beyond you. It is not something that you control. It is not your personal creation. It is part of Creation itself.

The complete revelation is available here.

The Race to Save Human Civilization

Received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers on July 22, 2009 in Aleppo, Syria

Humanity has done great harm to the world, to the natural balance, to the plants and the animals of the world. Humanity has done great harm to the life-sustaining systems of the world. Blind, foolish, arrogant, destructive, unaccountable to the future and unresponsive to the consequences of the human impact.

The world has been violated. And thus the world will create retribution, but it will not be God’s retribution. It will be the retribution that humanity has created for itself and the retribution born of error.

The world is a living system, a complex web of life. Break the web, and it will affect you because you are part of this web of life. You are part of the fabric of life in this world. Because you are living in the physical reality, because you depend upon the physical reality to live now, you are part of this fabric. Break the fabric, break the web, and you will have to face the consequences.

God will not punish you for these mistakes, but you will have to face the consequences. And the consequences will produce the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—changing your environment, changing the climates of the world, changing the natural balance so significantly that it will affect the well-being of peoples everywhere.

Humanity has forgotten what it owes to the world. It comes as a thief, not as one who comes to a marriage. It comes to take and to exploit. It comes to pillage. And thus it has to face the ruin of its consequences.

God knows these things and has placed Knowledge within human beings and all sentient life to know these things, but if this Knowledge is unknown or is not heeded, then the great errors will follow.

As the world enters greater tribulation and instability, people will think that God is expressing wrath and displeasure with humanity, but God only loves humanity. But humanity has violated the world, and the retribution will come from the world.
Do not think the Creator of all life will come to rescue humanity from its travail. But God’s love will provide a warning, a blessing and a preparation so that humanity can prepare in time to face the retribution, to overcome its damaging effects, to learn wisdom from it and to build a new foundation and a new relationship with the world.

The complete revelation is forthcoming…

The Prophet

Received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers on July 23, 2009 in Damascus, Syria

Every millennium a New Messenger is sent into the world to prepare humanity for the next stage of its development and to warn humanity of the great dangers that have not arisen before, to prepare humanity for what it must face and what it must overcome, both now and into the future.

God’s Revelations are rare and are long lasting. They are sent here to give to humanity what it could not give itself, to rekindle the spiritual fire that has grown cold in the world and to revitalize the religious spirit, which has become so dormant under the weight and the oppression of religious belief and edicts.

Humanity is now facing its greatest challenges, greater than anything it has ever had to face before. It is facing a world in decline—a world of declining resources, a world whose environment has been so seriously abused and disrupted that there will have to be a different adaptation for humanity to survive in the world into the future. And humanity is facing intervention from races in the universe who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

Never before has the human family as a whole been so challenged. You have reached this great threshold because of human behavior and because of the evolution of the human race itself. For sooner or later you would draw attention from the universe around you and Intervention would follow. Sooner or later you would deplete your natural inheritance in the world to such a degree that the world would begin to change on its own in ways that would not be beneficial to humanity’s ability to live here. Eventually, humanity would have to enter a more mature phase of its evolution, outgrowing its recklessness, its violence, its conflicts and its stupidity.

It is into this environment now that the Messenger is sent, a Prophet for this time and for this age—an age that will see a tremendous upheaval and disruption, an age where humanity will have to adapt to a changing planet and have to face the reality that it exists and always has existed in a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

The complete revelation is forthcoming…