God’s Messenger in Sweden

About the second Journey of the Messenger in 2008

In 2008, the Messenger embarked on a historic journey to Iran, Sweden, Copenhagen and the UK. His primary destination was Iran, where he would spend three weeks journeying across the country—from the capital Tehran, east to the Afghan border, south to the city of Shiraz and then north to Yazd and Esfahan. This journey was made possible by his son and several very special guides who enabled a safe journey for the Messenger, one that would give him an intimate experience of this land, its history, its religions and its people. (This trip was also made possible thanks to the generous donation of two longtime Pillars of the New Message.)

The Messenger undertook this journey to learn more about the state of humanity, the religious experience of the human family and the unfolding prophecy contained in the New Message regarding the great environmental, political and economic storms to come.

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