South Korea

God’s Messenger in South Korea

“The Messenger is in the world, and though he is an older man, he must encounter certain people in his remaining time on Earth. They must understand very clearly what this encounter means for them…he must call them into service, for his task is far too great for him alone to undertake and to accomplish. To have this sacred engagement is a calling into service.”


The Circle of the Messenger


South Korea

About the sixth Journey of the Messenger in 2012

In the late fall of 2012, Marshall Vian Summers, accompanied by his wife and son, undertook a journey to South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The primary purpose of this journey was to meet students of the New Message in South Korea and Malaysia and host several gatherings to support these early communities of students. He would also travel to Indonesia to witness the conditions of humanity facing the converging pressures of overpopulation, rising sea levels, environmental destruction and depletion of the natural resources upon which so many people depend.

On this journey, the Messenger would visit the second and third largest cities on Earth, Seoul and Jakarta, and would come to understand more fully the prophecy of the Great Waves of Change now unfolding in the world.

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Cities visited




Duration of stay

7 days

Revelations received

The Circle of the Messenger

Over the wilds of Russia

The Messenger’s journey to Korea began on a cold October morning in Colorado. His flight would carry him across the Pacific, brushing the norther arctic and taking him over the wilds of Russia and then south to the city of Seoul. We shared the plane from Denver to San Francisco with 50 Korean school children

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The Messenger in Seoul

The sky hung low over the rice fields west of Seoul. As our bus jostled back and forth, I watched the Messenger look upon the gray landscape of apartment blocks, construction cranes, highway flyovers and the many, many greenhouses that seemed to fill every space in between. Our bus turned upward and passed over a

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Sunrise over Sunchang

We arrived in Sunchang late at night by the careful navigation of Jangsun, student of the New Message and our host in South Korea, who traced our route from Seoul to Sunchang in the south along 200 miles of empty highways and dark side roads. The following dawn revealed a quiet village slowly awakening in

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The Circle of the Messenger

Received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers on October 16, 2012 in Sunchang, South Korea