God’s Messenger in Indonesia

“Humanity is entering a dangerous phase in its development, a phase where it will exhaust the world’s resources in many ways, leading to economic contraction and in some places complete collapse. Humanity has plundered the Earth so thoroughly that it cannot sustain such a great population as it has in the past, and great measures will have to be taken to re-organize civilization and to end war and conflict so that humanity may build a new foundation in a degraded and depleted world.”


The Goal and Purpose of the Revelation



About the sixth Journey of the Messenger in 2012

In the late fall of 2012, Marshall Vian Summers, accompanied by his wife and son, undertook a journey to South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The primary purpose of this journey was to meet students of the New Message in South Korea and Malaysia and host several gatherings to support these early communities of students. He would also travel to Indonesia to witness the conditions of humanity facing the converging pressures of overpopulation, rising sea levels, environmental destruction and depletion of the natural resources upon which so many people depend.

On this journey, the Messenger would visit the second and third largest cities on Earth, Seoul and Jakarta, and would come to understand more fully the prophecy of the Great Waves of Change now unfolding in the world.

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