Costa Rica

God’s Messenger in Costa Rica

“Helplessness and hopelessness come from your social conditioning, which is now facing a set of changes it cannot respond to. These do not come from Knowledge. There is no helplessness or hopelessness in Knowledge, for there is no helplessness or hopelessness in God.”


New Message for Developing Nations


Costa Rica

About the third Journey of the Messenger in 2009

In the spring of 2009, Marshall was hosted in Costa Rica by Ana Burrows, a member of The Society at that time. Ana grew up in Costa Rica. Marshall also travelled with Will Burrows, Ana’s husband, and Reed and Patricia Summers.

Ana created this opportunity for Marshall to see part of the country, to take time for needed rest and retreat and also to experience the natural wonders of the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Marshall, a lover of nature and of forests in particular, would cherish this opportunity to be amongst the giant trees and unspoiled beauty of this high mountain environment.

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San Jose


Santa Elena

Duration of stay

7 days

Revelations received

The New Message for Developing Nations

The New Message for Developing Nations

Received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers on April, 17 2009 in Santa Elena, Costa Rica

The complete revelation is forthcoming…