About the Journeys of the Messenger

Starting in 2007, the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers has undertaken a series of journeys in the world both to receive and to present the New Message, and to better understand the lives, difficulties and opportunities facing the human family. Journeying with his wife and son, the Messenger has now traveled through 20 countries and has received 40 original revelations in countries around the world.

For much of his life, The Messenger lived in a state of relative seclusion, surrounded by his close family and companions, focused upon receiving the New Message from God and quietly teaching it to an early community of students. Yet starting in 2007, The Messenger chose to end this seclusion, to enter the next stage of proclaiming the New Message from God, and with this to begin a series of important journeys in the world.

These journeys would enable Marshall to understand his role as Messenger and to better understand the human experience in places of difficulty and suffering across the globe. After all, Marshall Vian Summers is a world Messenger, bringing a New Message from God for humanity. As a world Messenger, he would need to meet the people of the world and come to understand their lives, their concerns and the great variety of the human experience; to understand the practical challenges they face; and to bear witness to the unfolding crises now undermining the freedom and stability of humanity worldwide.

Here the Messenger was called to certain destinations by the Source itself, primarily in order to receive God’s New Message in these locations. A remarkable number of revelations have now been received in countries around the world, often inspired and informed by the experience the Messenger has had in those places, and the individuals and events which impacted him during his time there. These revelations were received in a variety of situations: in the quiet of the night or in the heat of the day; in a peaceful rural location or at the noisy heart of the world’s largest cities; received in hotel rooms, roadside apartments, country cabins and in buildings of ancient history. These revelations were received in the simplest of moments, at all hours of the day and night, right at the center of the daily experience of people, as the revelation was happening in a given place, at a given time.

It was also on these Journeys that the Messenger was able to meet the first worldwide students of the New Message, to hold gatherings with these students and from certain locations to broadcast his message worldwide. The messenger has traveled far away to hold these gatherings and to give the gift of mystery, wisdom and encouragement that he carries to those who have found the New Message, wherever they may live.

On all of these journeys, the Messenger was accompanied by his wife and/or son. Together they traveled across the world, enabling God and God’s Messenger to touch the human family in the most simple, direct, personal interactions. Hundreds have met the Messenger during these travels and also through the miracle of divine revelation, where the Voice of Revelation moves through the Messenger to speak to the world.

Chronological history of the Journeys of the Messenger

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United Kingdom (mid 2015)
Pakistan (early 2015)
Israel (early 2015)


Turkey (late 2014)
Egypt (late 2014)


South Korea (late 2012)
Malaysia (late 2012)
Indonesia (late 2012)
China (late 2012)


Taiwan (early 2010)


UK (late 2009)
France (late 2009)
Thailand (late 2009)
Vietnam (late 2009)
Cambodia (late 2009)
Turkey (mid 2009)
Syria (mid 2009)
Lebanon (mid 2009)
Costa Rica (early 2009)


Iran (early 2008)
Sweden (early 2008)
Denmark (early 2008)
UK (early 2008)


Turkey (mid 2007)
Israel (mid 2007)