God Seeks to Prepare Humanity for a New World

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God seeks to prepare humanity for a new world, a new reality, and for its encounter with life in the universe, an encounter that will change and determine the future and destiny of humanity.

You are entering a new world—a world of environmental change, a world of violent weather, a world that is unpredictable, a world that will be unbalanced, with great political and economic difficulties. Nations will be shaken by revolution, and national economies will fail.

It is the outcome of many forces at work that have been at work for some time. The wise can foresee this. For everyone else, it will be a great shock—the shock of the future.

Do not look upon this as a great tragedy or something to avoid, neglect or deny, for this has your name upon it. You were sent into the world to serve the world under these conditions.

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  1. Jen Posted on January 14, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    I am SO excited for the unbelievable changes to come as we are moving into the New World which is all a part of God’s perfect plan! May MANY more people quickly awaken to the truth. Love to all and sincere gratitude to the messenger of this amazing and powerful message!

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