God Knows What Humanity Needs

God Knows What Humanity Needs

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God know what Humanity needsIt is time for your education about life to enter a greater and more mature phase. Here things must be revealed to you that you could not find before. Here you must be shown things that you could not see before and that you would probably never find upon your own.

Here a new vision and wisdom must be given to the human family. Here the individual must become strong and guided by the power of Knowledge within themselves. Here humanity must unite to protect the world, to renew the world and to establish a foundation that can sustain you into the future.

What God knows to be true and what humanity wants are not the same, and that is the great challenge before you.

What God knows, you cannot yet see. So it is being revealed to you now in the clearest possible terms. It is being revealed in such a way to call forth from you your greater strengths and determination. It is to show you the power of Knowledge within yourself that will protect you from deception and that will give you the courage to see what must be done and the strength to carry it out.

We send Our blessings to you and Our encouragement.

May all that has been given to humanity now be utilized to the fullest in the face of a greater darkness in the world, in the face of a great turning point for humanity.

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