Fundamental Rights Regarding Contact

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Before the Greater Community of the Universe, we, the People of Earth, do now invoke these fundamental rights for ourselves and for our Homeworld, along with certain rights that naturally derive from them, including:

  • The right of sovereignty. The People of Earth shall be self-governed and independent, neither subject to nor dependent upon any other authority. No extraterrestrial force shall contravene or abrogate the human sovereignty of this planet.
  • The right of planetary sanctity. As our Planet of Genesis, the Earth shall be free from extraterrestrial intervention, intrusion, interference, or exploitation, both mental and physical. No extraterrestrial force shall make close approach, or assume close orbit, or make any landing, or engage in trade, except openly and with the expressed consent of the People of Earth achieved through a democratic means.
  • The right of sanctity of biological and genetic material. No extraterrestrial power shall take, possess, or manipulate human biological or genetic material for any purpose whatsoever.
  • The right of occupation. As the native people of the one known inhabited planet of this Solar System, we claim this Solar System as our sphere of influence. No extraterrestrial bases may be established on bodies or stations orbiting the Earth, nor on other planets or bodies of this Solar System, except with the expressed consent of the People of Earth.
  • The right of peaceful navigation. We claim the right to travel and explore within our Solar System without interference or restraint from extraterrestrial forces, and maintain the right to deny access to this Solar System by any extraterrestrial forces.

We, the People of Earth, consider it our rightful responsibility to assert and defend these fundamental rights, and to give and receive aid consistent with these rights. In the case of any dispute with extraterrestrial forces, the burden of proof of innocence shall fall on those who are not native to Earth.

Read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty in its entirety, spread the word and become an advocate for human freedom as we emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life.

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