Free Guided Meditation for Sleep

Free Guided Meditation for Sleep

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“Come close to the Power and the Presence within you.

It is so close if you will but allow your mind to be still.

The Presence is here. It is with you. It is always with you,

for you cannot escape your Source and the reality of life.

The Creator is with you, with the Presence.

Come into this Presence. Come into this Power.

Take reprieve here. Take comfort here.

Find peace and strength here, for this Presence

is not threatened by the world and cannot be destroyed.

While the world is quiet in the still hours of the night,

come to be with the Presence.

This is your nighttime meditation—

nothing to seek, nothing to gain,

nothing to control, no problems to solve.

Just being with the Presence is enough…”


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(29 Minutes)

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