February 23, 2014: “The Mission of the New Message” – Live Broadcast – 9:00 AM Mountain Time USA

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Join Patricia Summers and Reed Summers for a special online broadcast exploring the mystery and worldwide mission of the New Message.

As the world faces growing instability, the New Message is here to provide a pathway for humanity which is becoming more important with each passing day.

soleil levant

Join us for this special live broadcast event and learn about the educational and outreach mission of The Society, the remarkable and inspiring work being done by students around the world and a horizon-line vision of where the Message and the Messenger are going next.  This is also a opportunity for you to ask questions of members of The Society and learn more about this unique organization and the international community of volunteers, givers and advocates who are moving this sacred mission forward, as never before.

Watch LIVE on YouTube  or New Message Live .

No in-room audience.

Go to Time Zone Converter to find your local time of the Broadcast.

For more information email: contact@newmessage.org


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One Response to "February 23, 2014: “The Mission of the New Message” – Live Broadcast – 9:00 AM Mountain Time USA"

  1. sose gjelaj Posted on January 14, 2014 at 6:37 am

    All of my life ,i have known that i came here for a greater purpose.
    I want nothing more then to be with God,on this journey to a healing power from human being. I am artist,poet.
    Perhaps we can open the door for art, and poetry,for the message to get thru.
    It is our divine or-gin-
    and the spender of a blooming rose,that blows within.
    we can draw the imaginary picture of the Goddess to come.
    the hazy portrait of the future-
    I will painted in the colors of the sun.

    I like to post art,as well so we can bring this message in many forms .
    Thank you ,I have been waiting for this messenger for a long time.
    May God protect Marshall and his family.
    Love with all of my being.
    Sose Gjelaj

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