Expecting and Wanting too Little

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People come to the New Message hoping that they will find the wisdom necessary to correct their mistakes and to make their current investments profitable and meaningful, but the New Message is here to give them a new life—not simply a new idea put upon an old life, not simply a sweetener to make the bitter taste of their current experience more palatable and acceptable.

People expect too little and want too little, and their expectations are not in keeping with the meaning and the power of the Revelation.

There will be all manner of response to this, of course, but it is important for those who are coming to this with an honest intention and with humility and sincerity to realize the power and the potency of God’s Revelation and what it can mean for them—to restore them, to give them a greater purpose and direction, which already live within them.

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  1. charles Posted on March 3, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    These encouraging words may be ‘too much’ for an oppressed, repeatedly dumbed down and systematically guilted humanity … oh for oh so long. Even Shakespeare got a whiff of this when, in the famous Hamlet soliloquy, the young prince is given a moment of clarity, a brief insight amidst his agonizing internal travails:

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