Expand Your Understanding of the Divine

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Your understanding of the Divine now must be taken into a greater panorama of life. Your understanding cannot be anchored in the past but must be flexible and be able to adapt to the future, as greater and greater change occurs within you and around you. Your Lord now must be the Lord of the universes, a Lord of a billion, billion, billion races and many more.

This is part of the Revelation for humanity, so very different and more expansive than any Revelation that has ever been given.

With this, you will value all of the Revelations and gain wisdom from them all. If you are a devout Christian, your Christianity will now grow and become more expansive. If you are a devout Muslim, your faith and practice will now grow and become more expansive. If you are a practicing Buddhist or of the Jewish faith or any religious pathway, it will all become enlarged by the New Revelation.

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