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Every week, every month and every year now is significant, for the Great Waves are moving relentlessly. The time it takes to prepare for this is significant, and that window of opportunity is shrinking.

This, therefore, is not something for you to just think about, to contemplate or to simply discuss with your friends, to be a source of imagination or to be simply a source of anxiety and concern. It must propel you into real action. Your awareness must bring about action, and this will require you to consider every aspect of your life and the possibilities that exist in your immediate surroundings and for your nation as a whole. This is not something for the faint of heart, for the ambivalent or for the self-serving, for they will not see the Great Waves of change until it is too late.

This is a calling to become aware, to become prepared, to become strong and capable and to begin to take the many steps that will be required to secure your position in the world—to gain a stronger position, to prepare yourself for the shocks that will come and to put yourself in a position to be of service to others, for great service will be needed.

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 13

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