Establishing a real relationship with the world

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You must know that the human need will grow far greater in the future. Everyone will become poorer, and many will be destitute. You must have the strength here not only to take care of yourself, but to take care of others as well—to take care of the elderly, to take care of the children. Certainly, you yourself will not take care of everyone, but it will be clear who amongst your neighbors or your relations are especially weak and vulnerable. You must be strong enough to take care of them.

Though this seems overwhelming, though this is not what you prefer, this in fact is what will redeem you, for this will call you out of your conflicts, your addictions, your low self-esteem, your regrets and your painful memories. This will force you to establish a real relationship with yourself, with others and with the world.

Do not look upon the Great Waves of change only as a tragedy or as a great danger, but instead as a calling and as a requirement. This is a calling and a requirement that can restore and redeem you, that can call forth Knowledge within you and the great gifts that you have come to give, gifts that will be determined by the very circumstances that are emerging now.

From Chapter 1: The Great Waves of Change

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